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The hitman 3 season of Pride starts with the May update. It’s the second of the Seven Deadly Sins. It also fixes the irritating NPC aversion to toilets.

The latest update to Hitman 3 goes live today and brings Act 2 of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Season of Pride. Players will fall deeper into Agent 47’s mind to explore The Pride Profusion Escalation …

Here is what’s new in the Hitman 3 Season of Pride. The Hitman franchise has been one of the most critically acclaimed in the …

Hitman 3’s new DLC, Season of Pride, is out now alongside a big new patch. The new DLC is part of the Seven deadly sins …

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IO Interactive has released the hitman iii update 01.005.000 May 10 patch, which is the Act 2 of Season of Sin expansion!

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